The World Change series will highlight different influencers as well as new activists in the movement in a series of short videos demonstrating how they themselves specifically participate and letting viewers know that there is a place for everyone. The series will also bring light to different campaigns and organizations and tips on how to be as effective as possible.
Some of our recent projects:
The National Animal Rights Day is an annual day observed on the first Sunday in June across multiple countries for the purpose of raising awareness for animal rights until all animals are free from enslavement and their rights are established and protected by law.
Grassroots LGBTQ+ animal rights activists from The Save Movement, Direct Action Everywhere, Climate Vegan and Anonymous for the Voiceless march in Toronto Pride Parade 2018  bringing the message that “It’s time to end ALL discrimination".
Be Active
Sponsored by The Livegan Podcast to bring awareness to the immediate need for vegans to be active. Pushing the urgent message that veganism is not enough and the time to join the movement is NOW.
Nation Rising
Nation Rising is a grassroots political advocacy group bringing together individuals and organizations concerned about the environment, animal rights and health to stop the multi-billion dollar government subsidies going into animal agriculture.
Million Dollar Vegan
In support of the Million Dollar Vegan campaign, we helped put pressure on Pope Francis to go vegan for lent and lend his influence to help fight for animal rights and the sustainability of the planet.
Veggie Parade
Toronto’s annual veggie parade brings communities together to educate and show the joys of a compassionate vegan lifestyle.
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