World Change Media is a video production company primarily focusing on helping nonprofits thrive and get their message across. WCM dedicates itself on educating the public on human rights, animal rights, environmental issues and health.

We constantly strategize the best way to motivate a specific action within the intended demographic through videos and media campaigns. Our variety of clients range from grassroots organizations to large charities to individuals just trying to make a difference.

Each video is viewed as a tool with many moving parts with the potential to completely change perspectives and motivate actions. Every second is valued and manipulated in a way to give peak performance.

We have worked with IDRF, Animal Save Movement, University of Toronto, St. Michael's Hospital, The Million Dollar Vegan, Anonymous for the Voiceless, The Livegan Podcast, Nation Rising and many more.

"The power of video can change a nation's mind. Use it with the purest heart."